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Screen Shot


This is 3D CPU Meter.

Please note that this meter looks 3D graphics, but it's just 2D application. So, you can't rotate the meter :-).



3D CPU Meter


Double Click the CPUMeterSetup.msi, then the installation wizard will come up. Please follow the instructions.


From "Start"->"Control Panel"->"Add/Remove", remove "3D CPU Meter".

This application does not use "Registry", but uses configuration file under
\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Uchukamen\3D CPU Meter. Please remove the configuration file "CPUMeter.conf" manually.


Right click on the meter to display context menu.

- Always Top
This application always stay on Top.

- Save Location
Save current window location and size.

- About
Shows version number.

- Exit

- Move window
Press left mouse button and drag to move window.

-Resize window
Locate mouse to each corner and the cursor will change for resizing. Press left mouse button and drag to resize.

Note: Maximum Windows size is limited up to 300 x 300.

[Supported OS]

Windows XP/2000 Server/2003 Server

[Required Libraries, etc.]

.NET Framework 1.1


Free Software


Please send me feedbacks.

Version Information

Date Version Description
2005/6/19 2.0.1996.41211 Ver.2.0 Released


Version 2.0.1996.41211
.NET .NET Framework 1.1
Installer  CPUMeterSetup.msi (485KB)

About 3D CPU Meter

I have been trying to create more good looking application, but as far as I use the Microsoft controls bundled with Visual Studio 2003, I have no choice. So, I've decided to create DirectX based application, but as you know it very complicated to create real 3D applications.

I took a look at DirectX sample code in the DirectX SDK. And I found some DirectX based applications are quite easy. But if you need to create your own 3D objects, you need 3D modeling software. I found a free 3D modeling software "BLENDER".


Blender has very unique mouse and keyboard operations, and it took almost two weeks to learn how to use the BLENDER. While I was struggling with "Blender",  I found I don't have to create real DirectX application if I just need 3D LOOKING!

That's why I created this application, 3D "Like" CPU Meter. It has a 3D like background picture and the meter hand drawn by GDI+. This is not a DirectX based application, but this could be a good example of 3D looking 2D application :-).