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Fedora Core 3 on Virtual PC 2004


1.Table of Contents

2. Introduction

You might have to install and test your application with Linux. As you know there are tons of Linux distributions and open applications, it'd really headache to make those test environments! Linux on the VPC would be a good solution to make your life little bit easier!

You can install Linux distributions on the Virtual PC. I just installed Vine and Fedora Core 3 on the VPC. Vine has been installed without any problem. But, to run Fedora Core 3 on the VPC, you have to apply the special kernel to install on the VPC. Otherwise, you can't start up Fedora Core 3. Here is some hints and tips.

3. References

(1)  http://vpc.visualwin.com/

The best place to check out how to install various OS on Vertual PC!

(2) http://vpc.visualwin.com/Notes/FedoraCore.3.Final.html

Step by Step installation guide for Fedora Core 3.

4. Installing Fedora Core 3 on Virtual PC

Before you start installing Fedora Core 3 on the VPC, I'd strongly recommend you to read the Reference #2. Because if you don't apply the special kernel patch, you'll see following error message while booting up.

"INIT: ID "1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes"

Please read the Reference #2 carefully and follow the steps, then it should be OK!

5.Changing Display Size and Color Depth

After the installation, you'll see the Fedora Core 3 up and running on your PC! It's cool, isn't it?



Important Note : Save vpc and vhd files!
Before you touch Fedora Core 3 and mess it up :-), just copy your original VPC files (vpc and vhd)! It'll save your time!


Important Note : Never change the Display Color Depth to Millions
The first thing you want to do is definitely changing your "Display Size and Color Depth"! But, be careful! Fedora Core 3 can change "Display Size and Color Depth" even if it is not supported! It would be fatal if you don't know how to rescue the settings.

Never change the Display Color Depth!! Otherwise, you'll see following screen :-).


If you want to change the Color Depth, you had better copy the original "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" as "xorg.conf.orig" or whatever!

Then, you could easily restore the setting with the "linux rescue" mode.